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Dense Layer AI, led by Harsh Singhal, is a premier consulting firm.

We leverage the transformative power of data and algorithms to solve complex business problems. With proven expertise from successfully operating at companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, and various high-impact startups, we help businesses navigate the intricate journey from ideation to production.

Our approach uniquely synthesizes your existing data assets and institutional knowledge and resources to bring forth the best-of-breed solutions.

As a global entity, we operate across North America and South East Asia, although our services aren't confined to these regions. We welcome projects with a potent need for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions, aligning with the depth of experience our team holds.

At Dense Layer AI, we partner with you to co-create solutions, amplifying your growth and success in the competitive landscape of the digital era.

Our Services

AI powered complex data labeling

We offer advanced data labeling services across modalities such as images, videos, audio, and text. Our AI-powered solutions ensure accurate and efficient annotation for your complex datasets.

ChatGPT-powered solutions

We specialize in deploying ChatGPT-powered solutions tailored to your custom company data assets. Our full-stack product development expertise ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.

Custom Machine Learning models

Our team excels in deploying and integrating custom Machine Learning models. We provide end-to-end solutions and ensure smooth integration of an MLOps stack for efficient model deployment.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) services

We offer SME services to support your internal teams. Our experts provide guidance, training, and assistance to help your teams leverage the power of AI and achieve your business goals.

Case Studies

AI-Powered Complex Data Labeling

Enhancing Object Recognition in Autonomous Vehicles

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ChatGPT-Powered Solutions

Personalized Customer Support with AI Chatbots

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Custom AI-powered Q&A Bot

AI trained on Industrial Equipment documentations to resolve Q&A effectively

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AI-Powered Complex Data Labeling

Automated Transcription and Search for Audio Files

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Subject Matter Expert (SME) Services

AI Integration for Marketing Campaign Optimization

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Custom Machine Learning Models

Fraud Detection in Financial Transactions

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Industries We Serve

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Leveraging AI for improved diagnostics and patient care.

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Driving innovation in financial services through AI-powered solutions.

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Optimizing production processes and supply chain management.

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Enabling personalized customer experiences and demand forecasting.

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Transforming logistics and optimizing fleet operations.

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Applying AI for efficient energy management and sustainability.

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